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Welcome Message of the Mayor

Have we ever imagined how life would be without the radio, the television, the print media and the telecommunication means? Without communication?

Communication as defined, is the process of sharing and exchanging ideas, opinions and informations. This process of sharing ideas plays a vital role in our life, in our society. The role it plays, in an organization, like the municipal government, for example, is something that cannot be undermined. It can spell a lot of differences.

When used thoroughly and accurately, any organization tends to be vibrant and effective. Communication therefore, becomes a critical managerial skill and a foundation of a strong leaderships. Great leaders, no matter their intentions are, depend so much on communication.

Can we imagine, too, what Philippine history would be without the writings of Jose Rizal and the efforts of the other members of the Propaganda Movements?

With no Radio Bandido doing an every minute account of the events during the People Power Revolution in 1986, could the number of Filipinos who joined the revolt be mastered?

It is for these reasons that this present dispensation has decided to put up this website. Hoping that the linkage between the people and the leadership would be strengthened. Good governance can only be pursued with the participation of the people. And participation can be accomplished through modern technology, the internet and the social media.

Clear and open communication creates a sense of transparency, very much needed in soliciting and building trust among ourselves. It creates in us an atmosphere that is free for us to express our ideas, comments and suggestions.

Kapamilatan na po ning modernong teknolohiya, lalo na king telekomunikasyon kalupa ding mebanggit na, pasiknangan at patibayan taya ing kekatamung ugnayan. Lalu na po karing proyekto at programa ning kekatamung munisipyo.

Ali tamu pu dirine, mag-alinlangan at lalo na tatakut na magpasyag king tune tamung saloobin. Umasa kayo na nanu man ing kekayung paniniwala at paninindigan, kapilan man ali mi gamitan iti para mikanlaut tamu. Kapilan man ing asan ali ya mie nung alang danum.



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