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The Municipal Health Office spearheaded by Dr. Margarita Regala and supported by our Municipal Mayor Dr. J conducted a Local Health Board meeting last August 5, 2019. It was presented the different Health Programs and accomplishments regarding the ongoing National Immunization Program of the Department of Health (Measles-Rubella, Tetanus Diptheria Vaccine among Grade 1 and Grade 7 students, and HPV vaccination among Grade 4 students).

Health services will be more accessible in your barangay through our monthly Diabetic and Hypertensive patient consultation and provision of maintenance medication. Pap smear, Acetic Acid Wash Screening, and Syphilis, Hepatitis’s s Screening among pregnant women are readily available in our health centers.

Due to the increasing Dengue cases in our municipality, everyone was expected to participate in clean-up drives, search and destroy of mosquito-breeding sites and 4 o’clock habit. Upcoming Health Activities to watch out for are: Buntis Party and Breastfeeding Summit, 3rd wave of Blood Letting Activity.



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