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Glam Shot photos of the 17 official candidates of Mutya Ning San Luis 2023

Mutya ning San Luis, Malagu at Malambis, tutung alang kaparis, pagmaragul ming labis labis!
Balen San Luis we present to you the Glam Shot photos of the 17 official candidates of Mutya Ning San Luis 2023. 👑
**SOCIAL Media empress award shall be obtained via voting and the winner will receive a sash and a cash prize.
1. Voters must first FOLLOW the Official facebook page of MUTYA NING SAN LUIS 2023 so that your vote will be COUNTED.
2. After following the page, you may now start voting by clicking “❤️” reaction and share button on the picture of the candidate that you want to support. Only LOVE ❤️ reacts and number of shares will be counted as a vote.
3. Make sure to accomplish the mechanics number 1 and 2 for your votes to be valid.
4. Online casting of votes for People’s Choice Award will start today June 12, 2023 and will last until June 21, 2023 at exactly 12:00 noon.
5. Autoreact and any form of cheating will be automatically disqualified to this segment of pageant.
6. Candidate who garnered the highest number of LOVE reactions and shared photos will be hailed as the Social Media Empress.
Photographer || Cha Tanglao
Videographer || Andrew Torres
Creative Direction || Perry Sarmiento Gamboa
Stylist || Geof Lagria Styling by Geof Lagria
Organizer || Sampaga ning San Luis headed by Bryan Eric Mallari
Tourism Officer || Ardee Sagum Taruc
Municipal Mayor || Mayor Dr. J Sagum
#mutyaningsanluis2023 #mutya #sanluis

Official Website of Municipality of San Luis